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How Do I, What Do I, Where Do I

Here are some quick tips to consider:

The question “Do you have a website” is almost as common as “Do you have a business card, brochure or an email address”.

In fact, having any form of website is up there with having a brochure or business card in your back pocket.

It is a now widely accepted and an almost taken for granted practice to have a website which holds all your details and information contained in the one widely accessible area, outlaying what your business offers. If you don’t have a website, it starts nowadays putting you immediately into the ‘not in the running’ or ‘not serious enough’ or ‘small fish’ category.

Things to Consider:

  • Computer setup
  • Internet Connection Facilities: Modem, ISDN, ADSL, Cable, Wireless
  • Website programs: Dreamweaver, PHP, Linux, Unix, ASP
  • People to contact for program courses or support
  • Domain name: or which are Australian based.
  • Domain name:
    • www.mycompany.asn
    • etc.
  • Domain registration
  • Must have authority to trade for .au extension:
      • for this extension – must have an acn or abn to have a an Australian domain name extension (must be an association or organization)
      • used when association or organization wants to be Australian specific
    • .com
      • for this extension – nothing is required.
      • Not specific for Australia
  • ftp program for uploading of website to hosting service
  • Website Hosting: cost per month / year
  • Website Hosting: List of companies to approach
  • Website Hosting: Virtual hosters
  • Website Hosting: Mailing lists
  • Website Hosting: email facility:
  • Website Hosting:
    • Meg download per month
    • Uptime of hosters
    • Cost
    • Why the costings
  • Internet Service Providers: (ISP’s)
  • Enewsletters
  • Find what questions to ask by asking more questions
  • Must understand your business to understand market clientele target to design website around
  • Web Developers

Things to Understand:

  • 5 Stages of Websites
    1. Brochure sites
    2. Add a form (feedback)
    3. Products for Sale (Shopping Cart)
    4. Payment
    5. Database Driven
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